Mitchells - Naturally we're local


This family run business began between the wars in 1928 when Elijah and Agnes Mitchell bought the original Inverurie village shop. Their vision was to create a business that would provide a living for their 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Agnes and the girls ran the grocery shop and in time opened up the front room of their adjoining house serving teas and home-cooking.

People flocked from far and wide to enjoy freshly prepared North-East fare. Agnes’s home-made farmhouse oatcakes became legendary and still today her recipe is in use in Mitchells’ bakehouse.

Meanwhile, Elijah and his three sons established a thriving dairy distribution business buying milk from local farmers and delivering it around the town of Inverurie.

Domestic refrigeration and Pasteurisation was yet to come, so in those days milk was delivered twice daily to the townsfolk who came running out to meet the horse and cart and have their pails and jugs filled with creamy Mitchells milk. Mitchells continued delivering milk until the summer of 2014 when the milk retail part of their business was transferred as a going concern to Graham’s Family Dairy, a 5th generation family business with a very similar background to Mitchells.

Mitchells Grocery Shop, now much expanded, offers an extensive variety of groceries and the best of local produce and food gifts.

The Tearoom, affectionately known as “The Dairy”, continues to play a key role in the Garioch Community serving no-fuss home cooking and baking.